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We are Henshaws, a family run waste management company based in Macclesfield.

From our 16 acre Waste Transfer Station in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we provide our clients with a range of Waste Management services including Skip Hire in Cheshire, Commercial Waste Disposal, Scrap Metal Recycling and Tipping Facilities.

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Our 200ft picking line operates with up to 50 picking staff allowing us to recycle all waste efficiently and effectively.


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Our site operates with the latest recycling technology and equipment.

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We operate as a waste transfer station for the recycling of wood, metal, plastic, paper & cardboard, green waste and asbestos.

On arrival at our site the full skip is weighed on our weigh bridge. Depending on the type of waste to be sorted the driver will then be directed to one of our waste segregation bays to tip their waste.

Once the waste is tipped, it is then transferred to our picking line where it is sorted by hand before passing through our tromell and magnet. The tromell and magnet remove any metals and hardcore that has not been removed by hand. It is then manually sorted again before being balled and transported to be made into something new.

We sort for recycling green waste, wood, metal, soil & hardcore, plastic and general waste. We also accept Hazardous wastes including Asbestos


Our dedicated paper and cardboard segregation bay allows for the bailing of Paper and cardboard on site ready for recycling.


Our site operates with equipment capable of producing recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste.


We operate as a Green Waste tipping facility for local authorities, landscape gardeners and forestries.


Our picking staff are trained to identify and separate different grades of wood prior to transferring to a dedicated wood recyclers.


Plastic is separated into different grades by hand prior to bailing. It is then transported to specialist plastic recycling centres.


Classed as hazardous waste, we manage the recycling of asbestos in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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