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We are Henshaws, a family run waste management company based in Macclesfield.

From our 16 acre Waste Transfer Station in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we provide our clients with a range of Waste Management services including Skip Hire in Cheshire, Commercial Waste Disposal, Scrap Metal Recycling and Tipping Facilities.

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Commercial Waste Disposal

As a Trade Waste customer you decide how you want to manage your waste.
You can segregate your waste into different bins or opt to use just one
bin for all your waste needs.

Commercial Waste Disposal

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We operate a Commercial Waste Disposal and Collection service throughout Cheshire.

We operate a bespoke commercial waste disposal and trade waste service to suite your needs. We offer three different sized commercial wheelie bins – 240 litres, 660 litres and 1100 litres. From receiving your quote to the delivery of your bins, the entire process is quick and hassle free.


Commercial Waste
Mixed/Trade and commercial wheelie bins are available in all 3 sizes – 1100ltr, 660ltr or 240ltr bin/s. The bins can be serviced weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly dependent on the quantity of waste you accumulate.

If you generate a large amount of Cardboard waste, our fortnightly collection round would be the most practical and cost beneficial option. Cardboard can be mixed with clean paper (non -glossy).
We offer 660ltr bins or 1100ltr bins for this service.

For companies who produce a large amount of Glass, our fortnightly collection round would be the most practical and cost beneficial option.

You can choose to have different commercial wheelie bins for each waste stream, allowing you to segregate your waste at source or you can opt for just one bin and we will segregate the waste at our recycling centre. Whichever option you choose our trade waste team will arrange to collect your bin on a timely cycle that suits the volume of waste you produce.


Approx Dimensions:

W 0.575mtrs x H 1.06mtrs x D 0.73mtrs

Holds approx 4 bin bags


Approx Dimensions:

W 01.4mtrs x H 1.2mtrs x D 0.7mtrs

Holds approx 10 bin bags


Approx Dimensions:

W 1.4mtrs x H 1.3mtrs x D 1.1mtrs

Holds approx 15 bin bags

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